<div class="twins"><p></p></div> <div class="header"><h1><a href="/" style="text-decoration: none"><img height="32px" src="/favicon.png"></a> Open Street Map</h1></div> <div class="story"><div class="item paragraph"><p>http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/TIGER </p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- data set that is gov census data that was used for a start of US data</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Potlatch is the in-browser editor.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- You can do most things out of this interface.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- preferred for the most part</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>JSOM is a Java editor.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- more advanced</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>ID</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- another editor Mapbox is working on</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>The sandbox is not very useful, but you can change things in Potlatch as long as you do not save it.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>CUGOS - Cascadia User Group of Open Source GIS Data</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Open Street Bugs </p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- has a georeferenced map with comments users have made</p></div> <div class="item error"><p>html</p></div> <div class="item error"><p>html</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>ForeverMaps - Consumer Vector Map</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>MyTrails - GPS Survey</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- very good</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- keeps track of all of the places you have been</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- great for "driving around, capturing data, and saving it"</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>OSMAnd - Offline Expert Maps w/ topo & OpenStreetBugs field capture</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- renders OSM Vector Data</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>- can do mapping without a cell tower nearby</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>UploadGPX for OSM</p></div> <div class="item error"><p>html</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Upload GPX to PC</p></div> <div class="item error"><p>html</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Nodes are Points</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Ways are Lines</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Closed Ways are Polygons</p></div> <div class="item error"><p>html</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Motorway - National Freeway</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Primary - State Highway</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Secondary - Country Road</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Tertiary - City Streets</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Residential - Suburban Streets</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Service - Homeowner Driveway</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Track - Rural owner, forest road</p></div> <div class="item error"><p>html</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Tile Stream on Github from Mapbox</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Tile Stash</p></div></div>