<div class="twins"><p></p></div> <div class="header"><h1><a href="/" style="text-decoration: none"><img height="32px" src="/favicon.png"></a> weather ballooning</h1></div> <div class="story"><div class="item paragraph"><p>Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning (ARHAB) is the application of analog and digital amateur radio to weather balloons.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>See Wikipedia Article </p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>The Automatic Packet Reporting System is an amateur radio-based system for real time tactical digital communications of information of immediate value in the local area.</p></div> <div class="item error"><p>html</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>http://aprs.fi/ - Google Maps ARPS, an ARPS tracking GIS.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>A good general article on the fundamentals of ARPS.</p></div></div>