<div class="twins"><p></p></div> <div class="header"><h1><a href="/" style="text-decoration: none"><img height="32px" src="/favicon.png"></a> Welcome Visitors</h1></div> <div class="story"><div class="item paragraph"><p>Welcome to my homepage, The Outpost. Here, you can learn about me, Nicholas Hallahan, and also see my resume.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>A fun, interactive project I created in 2013 and have continued to maintain is a plugin for the web mapping library Leaflet, called Leaflet Playback . Source on Github . An interesting application of Leaflet Playback can be seen with my demo that demonstrates moving GPS tracks triggering Virtual Fences .</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>Speaking of which, I work for SpatialDev now. We made another Leaflet plugin called Leaflet.MapboxVectorTile that renders protocol buffer vector tiles adhering to the Mapbox spec. It's really fast - pretty much the fastest way you can possibly render vector geometry on a Leaflet map! </p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>A hobby of mine is CNC routing and laser cutting. One of my latest projects is a Lazy Susan that had a laser etch the geographic features of a friend's ranch in Colorado.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>At Oregon State University in 2013, I worked on a web map tile rendering engine called MapComposer, designed to create pseudo-natural maps .</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>I am also interested in remote sensing, and recently I completed a project that explores Cloud Detection and Removal Techniques for Landsat 8.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>On a side note, I made a wiki introducing Java GUI Programming for my Algorithms for Geovisualization course.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>The Outpost is actually a Smallest Federated Wiki, the world's first distributed wiki. </p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>You can explore further by browsing to my List of Pages.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>You can also Create Your Own Wiki at The Outpost.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>I am an active mapper on Open Street Map, the Wiki of Maps. </p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>For Spring Break 2013, I attended the Esri Dev Summit 2013.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>I am interested in weather ballooning.</p></div> <div class="item paragraph"><p>By the way, you can drag things around and edit them, but this will only affect your browser locally unless you are logged in. You can then create your own wiki and fork the content where you can host it as your own. You can learn more on the How to Wiki page.</p></div></div>